A Gentleman in Moscow 

a-gentleman-in-moscowI wasn’t sure what to expect with this book – but it covers a time I’m intrigued by, but don’t know much about. Post Russian Revolution, while much of the West is celebrating the booming economy and a return to life post war, Moscow is very different. Continue reading


Sometimes people are beautiful…


Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of the Modern Monarch

elizabeth-iiI ran through the first season of The Crown on Netflix at a surprising pace. And I felt like it left me with a cliff hanger, as any quality show would now. But this is based on real life. I went in search of a biography and in looking through search results this book jumped out at me. It says right on Amazon this book is for anyone who loved The Crown. Perfect. Continue reading

The Land of Enchantment

land-of-enchantmentThe Land of Enchantment is a journey through a tortured romance, an emotionally abusive relationship, and a first love. Continue reading

The amazing power of books

Books give a soul to the universe,wings to the mind,flight to the imagination,and life to everything.- Plato

Reader’s Bill of Rights

Books give a soul to the universe,wings to the mind,flight to the imagination,and life to everything.- Plato (1)

First Book of the Month box

My first Book of the Month club box arrived! It came with a tote, a wine koozie, and a book mark.

I’m pretty excited to get started with All the Ugly and Wonderful Things too! If you’re looking for bookish box, I’d like to suggest this one – it’s been around since 1926. (Fun fact: my grandpa got most his books from Book of the Month.)

FullSizeRender 2

If you’re interested you can use this link for a trial discount. 

What Maggie’s reading that aren’t books

In book related great things I’ve found on the internet lately:

This may be a little old, but I ran across it recently. Put together by Powell Books (yes, that Powell Books) you’ll want to keep track of this to update your To Be Read list: 25 Women to Read Before You Die

books-online Continue reading

I joined Book of the Month

I joined Book of the Month after getting a discount code for a three month trial. And then I had to pick between five books – which took some time!

A couple amazing things I quickly learned:  Continue reading

The Ship of Brides

20893485My favorite Jojo Moyes book, The Ship of Brides follows four Australian war brides joining more than 600 others on a British air craft carrier to meet their husbands in England.

Told as a flash back, it opens in modern day with a woman traveling in India with her granddaughter. You are quickly brought into the stories of several young women preparing to leave Australia by Royal Navy ship.  Continue reading