Reading Goals for 2017

New year, new reading plan!

This year I’m determined to read a few things I wouldn’t normally pick up, and branch out of my default settings in book selection.

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First Book of the Month box

My first Book of the Month club box arrived! It came with a tote, a wine koozie, and a book mark.

I’m pretty excited to get started with All the Ugly and Wonderful Things too! If you’re looking for bookish box, I’d like to suggest this one – it’s been around since 1926. (Fun fact: my grandpa got most his books from Book of the Month.)

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If you’re interested you can use this link for a trial discount. 

What Maggie’s reading that aren’t books

In book related great things I’ve found on the internet lately:

This may be a little old, but I ran across it recently. Put together by Powell Books (yes, that Powell Books) you’ll want to keep track of this to update your To Be Read list: 25 Women to Read Before You Die

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I joined Book of the Month

I joined Book of the Month after getting a discount code for a three month trial. And then I had to pick between five books – which took some time!

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What I’m reading…books in the news

Some of the best on the web of what’s new and what you should be reading.

little prince

  1. Apparently I need to get on the new Captain America comic fast. (Sorry for spoilers, but…) Turns out Captain America has been with Hydra all along. For more spoilers check out the Bustle on the latest from Marvel – the debut of Captain America: Steve Rogers.
  2. Also from the Bustle (yes I found myself in a clickhole), 11 books that embody the spirit of Chicago. I was surprised by how many of these I haven’t read. Numbers 1 and 4 are being bumped way up on my TBR list.
  3. This piece from New York Times about Middle Eastern writers and the dystopian novel. It makes sense, but I found it especially interesting not just because of the obvious state of many Middle Eastern countries over the past several years, but also the popularity of dystopian books in the West in that same time period.
  4. The AirBnB bookshop – because if you haven’t seen this yet, you need to!
  5. The Little Prince has another trailer. I may actually be getting excited about this.


What I’m reading next…

A little peak at my TBR list. These three books are the next I’m reading. Each is different from what I’ve been reading, and from what I’d normally pick up, which is part of my interest.

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What Maggie’s Reading: Psychology and Mental Health Edition

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What Maggie’s reading lately

Good reads from the internet:

Summer-Before-War-Novel1. Chicago is a tale of two cities – and really always has been. Chicago Review of Books on The South Side and segregation in Chicago.

2. How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization: This piece on Medium is incredibly accurate – and hits something that has always bothered me – even when I watched the show regularly. I can’t recommend this piece enough.

3. Buzzfeed was right – there thrillers look great – and I know for a fact some of them are.

4. Budget Travel’s list of travel reads – yet another list I’ve seen Where’d You Go Bernadette? on, so it’ll be added to TBR list.

5. I love Modern Mrs. Darcy – and her list of books she’s excited to read this year. Summer Before The War and Lilac Girls are popping up everywhere – I’m excited about them too!

Things to read about the things you read

A little link love from what I’ve been reading online.

Into the Oscars? With some recent reads nominated for their movie versions I found this piece from the Chicago Review of books interesting. See how many movie versions of books have been nominated, and how many have won.

Hazlitt interviewed Bill Hader – and asked him specifically about what he likes to read – and how it influences his writing. It’s pretty great. The improbability of nonfiction – I could hear echoes of Aaron Sorkin dialogue from a West Wing episode. Continue reading

All the new and pretty books for 2016

Most of what I’ve been reading lately has been book related news. More like awesome lists of things to read. I tried to pull just a few of those here – if you want more please see my Twitter feed and Facebook posts. I’m trying to get them all up there.

I’m pretty excited to see what happens with Emma Watson’s feminist book club. I loved this list from Panels of feminist comics that should be a part of it. Bustle’s list of comics written by women would go well with this.

You won’t find these small press books you won’t find on other must read in 2016 lists.

The Guardian made a calendar of all the book releases and events planned so far for 2016. Enjoy!

I love writers who love to read. This Book Riot interview is so great – and now I want the book.

In non-book related reading, all national parks in Canada will be free for all of 2017. It’s pretty incredible. Now how do I see them all in just a few trips? Excuse me I need to go spend the next year in Google Maps planning.