I joined Book of the Month

I joined Book of the Month after getting a discount code for a three month trial. And then I had to pick between five books – which took some time!

A couple amazing things I quickly learned:  Continue reading


In defense of audio books

Several years ago I learned the joy of audio books on road trips. This was back in the day of CD players in cars. Any Harry Potter book is a win – as is anything by a comedian, that is also read by them.

I’ve recently given them another go – after years of resisting them simply because putting a book on iPhone seemed like too much storage lost. The amazing ability to multitask, like listening to a book while cooking. Yep – you can listen while cleaning, doing laundry, or even working out, if that’s your thing. I have also found it great while commuting. (Be careful not to get too wrapped up though – and keep track of what’s happening around you.) Continue reading

What’s coming out soon, and what Maggie’s reading next

Coming soon:

A Walk in the WoodsA Walk in the Woods has been made into a movie. Robert Redford plays Bill Bryson. As a fan of Bill Bryson books, I’m pretty excited about this. His books are funny. Like inappropriately laugh out loud on the subway funny. So find it and read it now (and stay tuned for my post on it very soon)! From what I can see I already know where the movie has taken liberties, but I’m still down, mostly because, of all of Bill Bryson’s books – this is the one that makes the most sense as a movie. Movie is out September 2nd. (Please don’t blame me if this doesn’t work out. You know the book is better already.)

Why Not MeMindy Kaling has another book coming out. And I will be reading it. Why Not Me? will be out September 15. Here’s a HuffPo piece on it from the spring, in case you missed it. I’ve preordered my copy. While you’re at it, if you haven’t read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, pick that up too, cause you’re way behind.  Continue reading

This week in books

I’ve run across some interesting articles and topics of note this week, including of course, Nobel winners being announced. Continue reading

Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week 2013 ends today.  So my question for you is: what banned or challenged book did you read?  I’ve been reading Ender’s Game, and was surprised to find it on the Banned list.  If you run through the most recent list, you might understand why – it’s a little like The Hunger Games, a little like Harry Potter, and maybe a little like Star Wars I guess.  Okay, its an alternate future reality, where we train children for war from a very early age.  If books like Harry Potter and Anne Frank are banned, a part of me says, sure, include this too. Continue reading

National Book Festival

National Book Festival Poster 2013Every year the Library of Congress hosts the National Book Festival on the National Mall.  After four and a half years in DC, I finally made it, and all I can say is – I’m going back every year!

Here’s how it works: a ton of tents broken out by category, with authors speaking all day.  The authors are also usually available to sign books as well.  Having not planned the day out, I wandered through the tents and tried to find an interesting author who would be speaking soon.  I happened to arrive at just the right tent at just the right time.

Christopher Buckley was being introduced as I walked up.  After flipping through the book given at to me at information I learned he’d previously been a speech writer for Vice President George H. W. Bush, and editor of Forbes.  Instead of talking about his book he spoke about titling books.  If you aren’t familiar with Christopher Buckley, he is a satirist.  Which really means, his stories are amazing.  I can’t even begin to recount what he said, but it made me want to check out his books, the latest of which is They Eat Puppies Don’t Them?  I did not realize he wrote Thank You For Smoking Either.  Check them out! Continue reading