The Mothers

I was told what this book was about from a couple different friends. Neither one had it right, which I realized fairly quickly. I am so glad I kept reading, though. Told from the perspective of “the mothers”, the elders of the church, The Mothers is the story of two girls, three families, and one big secret.

Set in and around a generic Christian church, one I took to be evangelical, the tone is set for a clash of values, and morals. Each relationship is rocked by a few different threats. How each person deals with them, and the others react that makes the whole story.
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The Ocean at The End of the Lane

ocean-at-the-end-of-the-lane The first Gaiman book I’ve finished, and it was a perfect way to dive in. The Ocean at the End of The Lane was worth the wait, and beautiful start to an author I know I’ll read more from.

Short enough to be mistaken for a children’s book, but certainly not written as one, this book will take you back to your childhood, into dreams, and nightmares, and your deepest imagination.

I finished reading it weeks ago, and still wonder who these amazing women are. While the main character is male, the young boy befriends an impressively strong girl, and her mother and grandmother.

Gaiman is one of a few male authors I can think of who writes strong female characters like these.

Set as a flashback, the story is so beautifully told through the eyes of a child, but challenges any adult reading it.

Talking as fast as I can

gilmoreI was worried at first starting Talking As Fast As I Can, thinking I’d spend the full book wishing it was about Lorelai instead of Lauren Graham.

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The next 5 books I’m reading

Nicotine by Zell Zink


Penny finishes college and returns home only to lose her father. With his death, the family drifts apart, and Penny drifts lost. Heading for the house left to her she finds it filled with squatters, and no heart to tell them to leave. Continue reading

Reading Goals for 2017

New year, new reading plan!

This year I’m determined to read a few things I wouldn’t normally pick up, and branch out of my default settings in book selection.

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A Gentleman in Moscow 

a-gentleman-in-moscowI wasn’t sure what to expect with this book – but it covers a time I’m intrigued by, but don’t know much about. Post Russian Revolution, while much of the West is celebrating the booming economy and a return to life post war, Moscow is very different. Continue reading

Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of the Modern Monarch

elizabeth-iiI ran through the first season of The Crown on Netflix at a surprising pace. And I felt like it left me with a cliff hanger, as any quality show would now. But this is based on real life. I went in search of a biography and in looking through search results this book jumped out at me. It says right on Amazon this book is for anyone who loved The Crown. Perfect. Continue reading

The Land of Enchantment

land-of-enchantmentThe Land of Enchantment is a journey through a tortured romance, an emotionally abusive relationship, and a first love. Continue reading

The Ship of Brides

20893485My favorite Jojo Moyes book, The Ship of Brides follows four Australian war brides joining more than 600 others on a British air craft carrier to meet their husbands in England.

Told as a flash back, it opens in modern day with a woman traveling in India with her granddaughter. You are quickly brought into the stories of several young women preparing to leave Australia by Royal Navy ship.  Continue reading


15850930Some books are just a joy to read. Vera is barely old enough to leave home and heads to Chicago in the early 1920s. She quickly finds herself for falling for two gangsters from rival gangs.

So yeah, it’ll pull you in. Renee Rosen likes to take the first 50 pages or so to set the stage. All her books feel like they’re starting slow, but then all of the sudden – things are rolling. And set in the roaring ’20s, they roll fast, with a heavy dose of liquor, and a lot of secrets. Continue reading