5 lists to find your next read

In my rummaging online I found a few lists that will get you headed to your nearest book store. And, if your 2017 reading resolutions are anything like mine, it’ll help you cross some off your list. Continue reading


The next 5 books I’m reading

Nicotine by Zell Zink


Penny finishes college and returns home only to lose her father. With his death, the family drifts apart, and Penny drifts lost. Heading for the house left to her she finds it filled with squatters, and no heart to tell them to leave. Continue reading

5 Books About the South

I’ve spent a lot of time, and most of my adult life, living south of the Mason-Dixon Line. While on vacation in Charleston I started thinking about some truly southern books I’ve loved.

The list I came up with was much longer, so odds are more will be coming. Until then here’s 5 southern books: Continue reading

5 books to read next

Every year the Chicago Tribune hosts the Printer’s Row List Fest, bringing together authors, publishers, book stores and book lovers. Panel sessions, discussions and writers workshops, along with book stalls from book stores around the city, can keep you busy all weekend. Continue reading

5 Books That Stuck With Me, Part 2

Last week I shared five books that have stuck with me. Here are five more.

LambLamb: The Gospel According to Biff by Christopher Moore

A fake lost gospel told by Christ’s childhood best friend that explains the lost years between birth and returning to preach. The adventure of two young friends across the world and back again – and given the time it’s extra incredible. Funny, interesting, thought provoking. No prior religious knowledge needed to enjoy. Continue reading

5 Books That Stuck With Me, Part 1

Sometimes a book sticks with you in the most unexpected ways. Often times for me it’s the least likely of books that stay with me. I recall them randomly in conversation years later, think of them as I am reading another book. Here are five books that have stayed with me that you should be reading. Continue reading

5 books I’m stoked to read

A little mix of new books, and new to me book I’m pretty excited about finding. So far for the new year my to read list is growing quickly. See anything that might pull you out of a reading rut or out of your reading comfort zone?

Lucy Barton

1. My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Stroug

From author of Olive Kitteridge, Lucy is recovering from an operation and unexpectedly reconnecting with her mother, the book looks at relationships, as Lucy remembers her childhood, marriage, children and aspiration to be a writer.

Wherever there is light

2. Wherever There is Light by Peter Golden

One love story, two families, three generations. The story stretches from the 1920s to post World War II, from New York to Florida to Europe, across world history and mixing with the biggest artists of the times. This isn’t stepping too far from my preferred genre of 20th century history, but I can’t resist – it sounds too good.

Dear Mr You

3. Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker

I didn’t know Mary-Louise Parker wrote a book. We may be in a memoir moment, and some may be feeling a little tired of it, but, it being Mary-Louise Parker, I’m down.

Sound of gravel

4. The Sound of Gravel by Ruth Wariner

The true story of the child of a polygamous church leader, and her life shuttling between the reclusive Mexican farmland of community, and the United States where her mother takes her regularly to collect government support. The book sounds interesting for a few reasons: 1. it’s true, 2. it’s told through the eyes of a child as she puts together what her life is, and what it could be if she can escape, 3. this story isn’t a common one, and certainly not often shared.


5. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Sort of a cheat – I’m reading it now. But loving it. The author writes beautifully, and tells the story of people not normally shared in the West. The story of a young woman and and her first love, from childhood to vastly different immigrant experiences in America and the United Kingdom. Eye opening, fascinating and engaging. Don’t worry, I know from others its good from start to finish. I cannot recommend it enough.

5 (or so) Reading Challenges for 2016

  1. The Bustle’s 2016 Reading Challenge is focused on reading books from women and writers of color. The areas covered by the challenge will certainly force you out of your routine and comfort zone. Their suggestions of where to start are worth the read themselves.
  2. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge is complete with a list to write in the books you intend to read in each category, and check boxes for when you complete them. I love the categories too: a horror book, a science book, books over 500 pages and under 100 pages.
  3. PopSugar has a similar reading challenge to Book Riot – check list and all. My favorite on the list is the first book you see in the book store. A challenge indeed depending on what it is. quote
  4. This one is interesting: Read the World – each month takes you to another part of the world. This list forces you to meet new cultures, new authors, read the classics and more.
  5. Finally a list that includes reading a banned book. Check out Modern Mrs. Darcy – and you can see her picks for each category here.
  6. Read the books you’ve been meaning to read. With Good Reads challenge just log in and enter how many of books you’re going to read. Somewhat similarly, Mount TBR Reading Challenge has levels based on the number of books you’re going to read in the year, and all are books on your to be read pile.

5 Book Resolutions

Everyone needs some resolutions for their reading habits. Here’s a few I’d like to challenge you to. I’ll be ticking these off this year as I hit them.

Emily Bronte Wurthing Heights1. That book you’ve owned forever but haven’t read. It’s time to read it.

You buy books all the time, but some just sit on your shelves gathering dust and neighbors. Pick one of them and make it happen this year. I have plenty that fit this. And some ideas about which one I’ll read.

2. Branch out: new author, new genre

Is there a genre you avoid – or do you cling to only some authors? I know I avoid genres. The time has come to break down and explore some new areas. Suggestions: try poetry, scifi, or, (I don’t know where this falls in genres) Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Mad World. Continue reading

5 Gift Ideas for Bookworms

Sometimes non-bookish people need a little help shopping for the book lovers in their life. Here are some of the best things I’ve found online.`

1. Old books scented soy candle (or Bookworm, The Shire, Don’t Panic Fresh Towel, etc., $18, Etsy)

2. Book reader cookie cutter ($13, CopperGifts.com – I’d also check kitchen stores that tend to go heavy on the cookie cutter options)

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