What Maggie is like when not reading:

A maker of things (such as scarves and jewelry), a ginger ale connoisseur, with a slight Apple obsession, and a belief that British TV is better than American TV; a baseball fan who believes goats can cause curses, and likes when Teddy wins; an amateur photographer who always brings her camera on with on the trails.

What genres Maggie reads:

  • Nonfiction: Mostly history, and likely an over abundance of mid-20th century. My apologies if it’s not your thing.
  • Literary classics: somehow missed a lot these in school, so let’s say this is making up for it.
  • Literature: This can run from current best sellers to someone you’ve never heard of. Does Kerouac fall into this category or above? I’m never really sure.
  • Sci-fi: A recent addition, based on prodding from friends to read particular books they thought I’d like.

Want Maggie to read something, or talk about something book related? Email her: hello [at] what maggie read [dot] com.

* I often link book titles to Amazon, or another book buying site. I do not make any money on this, nor do I promote or recommend books at the request of a writer or publisher.